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Jacque Dunoyer

Jacques-Michel Dunoyer (1933-2000) was born in Arras on the 20th of June 1933. At the age of 7, the war forced him and his family to join the exodus fleeing the bombardments. Destiny was to ordain that this little boy from Northern France was to become a Meridional (a native of the South). His family settled in Marseilles, and went to school and eventually a university. There was nothing particular to make him believe he was predisposed to become an artist ; but life had reserved a surprise for him.

He started courting a young painter who had been academically trained. Gradually watching her paint, the inspiration came to him. He was suddenly drawn by the muse towards what was to become his passion and this self-taught artist threw himself into what would be his reason for living.

As if at the toss of a coin his destiny was decided. He bought a gallery to exibit his first five paintings. It was an immediate success, the romanticism of his canvases, the innocence and freshness met with the public's approval. He was encouraged by a famous art dealer, Monsieur Drouand to whom he had shown his paintings. It was Mr. Drouand's encouragement that sparked off Jacques DUNOYER's career.

He settled in St Paul de Vence a little medieval village which is perched on a hilltop on the outskirts of NICE; a place he fell in love with. Some well known celebrities from the world of the arts such as Chagall, Prevert and Montand had already made it famous.

Over the coming years, he obtained the Grand prix of Art in Sologne in 1967, then a silver medal for Art, Sciences and Letters in 1968. But Jacques Dunoyer was not looking for either honours or awards for personal flattery ; he preferred to live discreetly. Nature was to become his master and like a lone magician, on his canvases, out of seeming disorder only meaningful to him, he conjured up woodland settings with the rusty tinges of autumn, slow running rivers bathed in shade and meadows dappled with red poppies.

First the tones of his palette were soft and gently caressed the canvas but progressively this exploded into a thousand different colours more rich and precise. His career has continued with several exhibitions each one being as successful as the last...

Les Salons:

1967 Salon des Artistes français
1968 Salon de l'Art libre
1967 Salon d'Automne.
1968 Salon Art Sciences et Lettres - Medaille d'Argent
1967 Salon Art en Sologne - 1er Prix
1981 Ecole de Paris au Japon
1989 Professeur Honoris Causa en disciplines Humanistes de l'Interamerican University
1992 Sté d'encouragement aux Arts et Lettres Médaille de Vermeil
1996 New York "Jacob Javis Center" USA
1997 Vancouver International Art Exhibition Canada
Les oeuvres de Jacques-Michel Dunoyer sont esposées en permanence:

Jacques-Michel Dunoyer's paintings are on permanent exhibition:

A L'Atelier J.M.DUNOYER à Saint Paul de Vence Côte d'Azur - FRANCE
A la Galerie "alexander Butman " Place Vendôme - PARIS - FRANCE
A la Galerie "Am Brunnental " - MUNICH -ALLEMAGNE - GERMANY
Gallery " Howard Portnoy " - CARMEL CALIFORNIA - USA;

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