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Mary Adams

Mary Lucinda Allen Adams's interest in art began at an early age. She would sit at the kitchen table and draw for hours. Later in high school she was selected to illustrate the school's year book as the year book art editor. She was a sterling scholar in art, won Miss Talent in the Provo Freedom Festival Pageant, was given an art scholarship to BYU where she graduated with a degree in Elementary Education and Art. Since that time she has been a practicing artist doing commissioned portraits and sculptures for family and friends.

Mary is the mother of seven; and has spent the last thirty years gathering ideas for her art. During that time she could often be heard saying, "That's a picture!" as she witnessed the unfolding of life's experiences and its choice moments. With boxes of photos and pages of sketches, she now has time to create images of what has touched her heart.

As an Air Force wife, Mary has a unique perspective of the world. She has observed that the cherished moments of life are universally shared by all, regardless of culture. Her work exquisitely captures the joys of the human experience, the things that really matter in life, and our relationships with loved ones. Mary truly feels "joy in her posterity" and wishes to express that in her art work.
  • Bronze
  • Bachelor's Degree in Art and Elementary Education, BYU at Provo, Utah

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