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Edouard Cortes

Edouard Cortes (1882-1969) was born in Lagny, France, Son of Antonio Cortes, (1827-1908) -- Spanish Court painter. Antonio began teaching Edouard at an early age and enrolled him in a private elementary school where he continued schooling until the age of 13. From this point on he devoted his life to art, working and studying with both his father and his older brother. In 1899 at the age of 16, he exhibited his first work at The Societe Des Artistes Francais entitled La Labour. The work was well received by the critics and the public, helping establish Edouard’s favorable reputation in Paris. Edouard along with other artists like, Laloue, Loir and Beraud, answered their calling. Specializing in street scenes, each of these artists captured the city during its heyday and continued with these scenes well in to the 20th century. It was at the turn of the century that he began to paint the scenes that he would become most famous for -- Paris’ streets and monuments. One of the more prolific artists of his time, Cortes found a niche and stayed with it -- his views of Paris are among the most telling and beautiful images of this genre -- capturing the city during all its seasons for more than 60 years. Transposed by his brushes, each spot of Paris becomes a veritable sparkling jewel. The most ordinary scene, through a sensitive, generous and elaborate palette, irresistibly fascinates and moves us. Only through a detailed study of his canvases can we understand how this artist, with apparently simple means, could obtain such gripping effects.

“As long as I could stand up and go to my easel, I will paint until my last breath, for I was born to paint and l will die happy if it is in front of my easel.” -- Edouard Cortes

Note: Main USA exhibitions were sponsored by Herbert Arnot Gallery (New York) starting in 1949, Findlay Galleries (Chicago and Palm Beach) starting in 1957, and Wally F. Findlay Galleries (Chicago, New York and Palm Beach) starting in 1965.
  • Oil

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